Wednesday, February 16, 2011


It's poetry day! We are so excited as we don our beards and round glasses. First, Frost, because it's almost time to give it up,
The way a crow/ shook down on me/ the dust of snow/ from a hemlock tree/ has given my heart/ a change of mood/ and saved some part/ of a day I had rued.
Isn't that lovely? Some people, you see, like getting snow dumped down their necks. Also, it means something about walking beneath hemlocks when the crow might drop something that isn't snow down upon you. Also, it's about a crow, and I'm all about crows. So, excellent poem. Anyone else? As a matter of fact I came up with something sublime earlier today. Let's see if I can recall it in its magnificence.
I wish to stretch to the color of fuchsia,
hot, blooming, and somewhere else.

It doesn't rhyme, I know, but that's the best I could do. I have this bit of fabric, silk I've been saving for a decade (all right, over a decade) and perhaps this is the year I will make something magnificent out of it. I can write my poem around the hem with a nice pen. Black against the fuchsia, or maybe pink which could signify something brilliant. Naturally, what else would it signify?

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Something about nothing

And here we are. Arial and all that. My premier post should be brilliant and magnificent, with clever french phrases and poetical quotes that shake you to your gelatinous core. So, let's talk about goggles. I particularly like how you can have things reflect, explosions, leeringly masked doctors with dangling scalpels, scantily clad women who have improbably perfect hair and makeup in spite of their shredded clothing, that sort of thing, all through the reflective gaze which has something to do with Plato. There, I threw in a philosopher. Dashing I think, particularly as it came after goggles. 
Now on to what I really wanted to discuss...