Friday, March 16, 2012

Fashion Friday: Green with luck?

Hi! I made a polyvore because I'm excited about St. Pattys, but Green turns out is kind of a hard hue to hurl at the eyes of the beholders, but here we go anyway!

I have several green dresses, so maybe I could pull this off, will certainly give it a go. Wish me luck leprechauns!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Writerly Wednesday: Somebody pinch me (flash fiction)

His head pounding like five million samba dancers were dancing out a complicated dosa nueve in his head, he rolled over to see Molder, his basset hound gazing back sympathetically, nose on paws, paws on floor, five inches from his own swollen nose. 

Apparently, falling for someone isn't a good idea when they leave you precisely where you land. He wondered, as he put a hand over his eyes to block out any stray rays that came from the low shuttered windows, what had happened to the girl, the one with green hair who had said that she was a leprechaun. Ordinarily he liked brunettes, brown eyes, smooth tan skin, but something about the girl with bright green hair who didn't seem to realize that t shirts didn't go with tutus had suited his mood, or maybe it was because it was St. Patricks day and he was feeling festive. 

She'd walked up to him at the party in her lucky charms T and bright green tutu skirt with reflective four leaf clovers attached, then jabbed his chest with her pointer finger while her bright green eyes narrowed at him. 

"You aren't wearing green. You're the only person here who isn't wearing the protective color of spring and life."
He'd given her what he thought was a flirtatious grin. "So pinch me." 
She cocked her head to the side, then began to smile, a smile that made her bright green eyes even brighter. 
"I'm not really the pinching type," she'd said suddenly, and he felt the need to puff up his chest a little bit more. "What kind of animal would you prefer?"
The sudden change of topic made him rub his chin in confusion, but the smile was still there, still disturbingly attractive. 
"I have a bassett hound," he'd said, hoping that was a cool, very guy thing to have. 
"If you don't wear green then you're not protected from the leprechauns," she said, apparently making an art of jumping from subject to subject. "Some of them pinch, some of them bite, and some of them..." she smiled again, then pulled him close to her, moving in time to the music as it throbbed, the beat bouncing through his head as she ran her fingers through his hair. "Some of them like me, prefer something more interesting," she whispered with her lips at his ear. 

Then, she whispered other words, words he couldn't quite understand but her breath, cold and tantalizing, surrounded his ear, the soft cadences of her syllables lulling him into a dreamy, blurry state that ended with him alone with Molder, and the party definitely over.

I lifted my head, so did Molder. 
I turned my head to look across the room; so did Molder.
I reached out to scratch his ears, but my hand stopped at the glass, the same glass Molder was scratching at on the other side of the window, no, not window, mirror. I lifted my head, the mournful howl echoing strangely back at me, blending with laughter and an almost voice that seemed to say,

"See you next year." 

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Trailer Tuesday: Delirium

Book trailers can be lame, you know, seriously, did somebody think this would make people read the book? But they can also be awesome. Really creatively genius. Today's trailer is the second kind, you know, really cool. An interactive trailer in fact. Ready? Set? Be amazed!

I am adding this book to my Goodreads just because of the trailer. Yep.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Vote and other things I missed today

It's somewhere mysterious, unknown, marked by a sign trail, blood, musk, washed away by rain and dust. A secret place for people to gather, masked, feathered, the signs of their fathers on their forearms, necklaces made of teeth jangling while they pass their metal utensils of casting from one rust colored hand to another. Rust, dyed in blood, or canker.

I missed the vote again. Driving around in the dark, in the woods... It's enough to make a girl throw a pot of tea into the sea, or a C into a T.

I will have to vote early next time. In the day lit hours where candles don't burn to the time of swaying chanters ink letters tattooed in swirling beacons to the chained unknowing.

Feeling poetric today. Yep.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Music Monday: Til you come to me

I've been doing all sorts of marketing lately, meeting bloggers, doing a thing with Smashwords for ebook week, Smashwords my ebook is for free for a week. So a lot of people are excited about it, and I am too! So, go check it out if you haven't already, or you can write a review, or like it at amazon, smash, or B&N. Nuff of that. This week's music monday is all about Lewis. What can I say? He's the Hotblood blood bound to sweet, delightful Dari, kind of funny to see him dealing with his annoying obsession. Perfect song for him? Til you come to me, a song from an indie, I think, but really great lyrics. Hang in there Lewis.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Fashion Friday: What to wear to your Intending

 Hi! Here's my polyvore for the Intending scene. It's sooooo exciting! And I wrote two pages in four hours yesterday which is sad because I'm usually prolific, but it's an important scene that has to be right. Ya know? It's so cute, wish I could wear this kind of stuff in public:)

Love polyvore! Makes me feel so very clever. Happy Friday, have a great weekend! I'm going to a talent show tomorrow, should be very exciting.