Friday, March 2, 2012

Fashion Friday: What to wear to your Intending

 Hi! Here's my polyvore for the Intending scene. It's sooooo exciting! And I wrote two pages in four hours yesterday which is sad because I'm usually prolific, but it's an important scene that has to be right. Ya know? It's so cute, wish I could wear this kind of stuff in public:)

Love polyvore! Makes me feel so very clever. Happy Friday, have a great weekend! I'm going to a talent show tomorrow, should be very exciting.


  1. loving the my little pony tee (my girls would love it too!) and that mint green skirt. i have a fab pair of combat boots in bone color just like those! hoping they'll be great for spring!!!

  2. I am jealous of your boots! Isn't it fun to have girls? Sometimes I think we should all match:)