Monday, August 13, 2012

Monochrome and Vogue

Hello! This is a sewing/fashion post, so whooo hooo! You know I'm having a good time. Vogue 1259 is a DKNY pattern that's all sculptural and asymmetrical. I don't usually do this, but last year I swooped up the pattern the first time I saw it with the burgundy spandex there, on their discount clearance table, back when I was allowed to buy fabric (nostalgic moment).

Anyway. This last Friday I was looking for something to whip together, and I pulled this sucker out. It's spandex. Knit. How hard could it be? So what if the pattern was labeled 'plus dificile' and 'advanced' it would be a cinch.

Um. Spandex might be cinching my waist but that's the only cinching going on here. So that's what I've been doing non-stop, well, as non-stop as every day existence will let me.

This is the pattern picture:

Cute, right? Yes, right! And she looks so elegant and demure and AUDREY FREAKING HEPBURN   I could just die.

And here's me:

I am so gorgeous I can't even open my eyes to see because I'll be struck blind at once. Oh, the divinity. Oooh that reminds me of divinity candy, you know, the kind we put black walnuts in as a kid but could never get all the shells out of so eating divinity was always a spitting kind of occasion (gave me weird ideas about heaven and angels spitting on people, but you know, I'm mostly over that).

So nothing about divinity, but Turkish Delight! I am going to make some. It is going to be delightful and probably nothing like the kind you could get in Turkey, you know, munching as you stroll towards the Hagia Sophia, which we all do every other weekend at least.

Monochromatic | Everybody, Everywear
And... this is my monochromatic outfit because it's actually a shirt and skirt, which you'd never know because who knows what is going on with this thing? Seriously, hardest thing I've ever put together. It made no sense at all logically, so I had to let go of logic and use Daisy, my body form to pin seams together so they wouldn't get twisted without me realizing. Oh, the mental anguish.

Anyway. This works really well with my perfectly perfect boots, which is kind of sad because I found some jaw droppingly gorgeous shoes at 6p.m. that needed me until I found my shoes in my very own closet. Two pairs of burgundy shoes. Still. I obviously need more.