Saturday, March 30, 2013

Happy Easter!

I love living in the bible belt during the Easter Season. People are nicer, smile at you, tell you 'God bless you' and in general make you feel like a real live human. It's like Christmas without quite so much consumerism. It even ended with a bang! As in, Atomizer smashed baby's fingers in the door right after the egg hunt. Not my kind of bang, but I'm sure there's some symbolism there.

Hope your Easter Season is exactly the way you like it to be.

Happy Easter from our rabbit.

Monday, March 4, 2013

SWAP: Sick of brown

So, Doesn't this look nice in sideways world? I was going to make this beautiful dress but realized that it made far more sense to make separates out of the same fabric that would work as a dress. The top is cut out on my table, waiting... and waiting...

I threw out my neck waltzing, so I'm kind of afraid to sew in case it makes it worse. Isn't that the best excuse ever? I obviously can't do dishes or fold laundry either. Oh the sacrifices I make for dance.

This is the Vogue skirt with the gore in the back. It makes the bottom flip out at the bottom, kind of like a bell, but I REALLY love the silhouette it gives. I love the way that I can do absolutely anything in this skirt, high kicks, squats, lunges, you name it. I'm going to have to steam press the hem still so the edges that poke out a little lay flatter. It was a complicated skirt, lined, with a faced hem on the shaped gore. I loved learning all those new seam finishes. It said to finish all the inside seams, but I think for a fully lined wool, unlike the silk that the pattern used, it should be stable enough.

So, a not too boring basic to go with my SWAP. Win win! I have to force myself to sew browns though, I'm sick of it. I want teal, gold, ecru, anything really that isn't brown. Ah well.

Doesn't it look nice with my riding boots? And my bed?

Friday, March 1, 2013

My plan! How excited are we?!

This is it.  I'm finished with all bottoms, wearing the pants two days in a row they're so comfortable and brown.

Went waltzing last night, was the best date ever!