Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Pastels? Quite literally

Hello! I'm not supposed to be doing fashion posts because I'm too easily distracted, BUT I can do this one because I'm wearing my first shirt, a COOL shirt that's kind of fairy, and super fun to wear, swingy and stuff, with my House of Slide trademark design. So, I can do fashion. Yay!

Here's my hairs all pastel. SO fun! I highly recommend it. Here's the link from pinterest http://thebeautydepartment.com/2012/01/chalk-it-up/  Thanks Jenny:)
 Here's my shirt. Cool, no?

 This is my Monet umbrella from the fine art museum in St. Louis. I love it.

My book will rerelease in May in time for my book talk. I'm doing a new cover, more YA, and using all the knowledge I've won from my first go to make this a smooth sail. Wish me luck!

(And let me know what YOUR temp is so I can make you a shirt:)
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