Thursday, October 25, 2012

Hybrid, House of Slide

I am so excited to be doing a giveaway during my blog tour, coming up the first two weeks of December. It will be very exciting. My first book, Hotblood will be FREE during some of the release of my first book, which is great for those who missed out on book I the first time around.

I wrote a prequel to the series, Wilds, which will come out in the spring. I'm still torn about it because I know that we've got to get on with the series and tie everything up and so forth, but it's already written so I may as well polish it and put it out because it puts tons of things in context and makes the demon threat/presence much stronger. It's for those who need to know why. Which is me sometimes.

I will admit that I'm a reader more than a writer. The last time I read Hotblood I was blown away by how exactly it fit everything I want in a book. It's not for everybody,  but it's really amazing to see from reactions it's gotten that some people 'get' it.

Thanks so much to everyone who has encourage me to keep going and publishing, because daydreaming is much easier than all that work, but not nearly as satisfying.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Sew Saturday: Cozy Coats for Winter

Hello! So, sew, so, I have been sewing coats, for the first time ever before it gets cold. I know, pretty amazing. My son, Atomizer's coat, made out of a lovely coat my in-laws brought back from Alaska for me but was alas not my style, now is his size, with a fleece hood added.

He loves it, of course, because it's a MOOSE and who doesn't love a MOOSE? He's a very excellent sweeper as you can see.

Baby's coat is fleece lined with cotton jersey, pattern from Ottobre, I LOVE that magazine, although I have too many of them. So many great basics and also special patterns.

Isn't she delicious? Chocolate with strawberry swirls! So sweet. It's not as warm as the others because I didn't put any thinsulate in between the layers. Ah well.

And last, but not least, my sweet rose bud, or shall I say, lavender blossom?

She's twirling. Because the coat is divine. This one is from BurdaStyle, a pattern magazine from Germany. Ottobre is from Finland, or Denmark, I forget which. We really should have a pattern magazine in our country, there are several in other places in the world. Kind of bewildering that we don't, really. Is there one that I've missed? At any rate, these are the coats that I suffered and struggled to create, and they are all satisfying for everyone involved. Oh. I forgot to mention, this coat comes from a hideous eighties mutton sleeve trench coat I found at the thrift store. It happens to be Lavender Blossom's favorite color so I got it. As fabric which is against the 'rules', you know, the 'no buying fabric for a year' rules, but that's okay. Because it was a coat and it used up thinsulate I inherited. Those cheetah pants you can barely see are the sleeves of an extra large turtleneck I got with the coat, not to match, but because she yearns to be a 'jungle person'. 

Are you guys all ready for winter? Any plans to get things all pulled together?

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Theatrical Thursday: Two movies to miss

So, lately the movies have been hit or miss, who am I kidding? Mostly miss.

What is there to talk about regarding Dark Shadows?

It was dark, there were shadows, the end. Oh, and everything burned down! That was exciting. Seriously, it was beautifully designed, Tim Burton is, after all, a beautiful designer, but the plot was... I'm not sure what the plot was. Vampire comes back, brings back his family fortune and kill the witch. All right. The thing was that the Vampire was truly horrific, killing people because they're liars, thieves, or other imperfect things when he's a blood sucking murderer all the time. So the hero was too hypocritical to be sympathetic and the bad guy, the girl was actually really sad because she just loved him, and he didn't love her, and she didn't go around mass murdering people. Also, I have a hard time sympathizing with super rich people who are so condescending towards everyone else. And there was tons of ick. Superfluous, pointless ick. So, it was a miss for me although it was very pretty.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Obama in Athens! and What I read Wednesday

Hello! I'm not politically assertive, mostly because I was raised by Anarchists, The statement before was meant to be funny but now strikes me as disrespectful. My parents are extreme constitutionalists, possibly the opposite of anarchists. I dislike Anarchy immensely. In high school I sat by some outcasts who when everyone would chant V-I-C-V-I-C-T-O-R-Y as led by the cheerleaders would chant A-A-N-A-N-A-R-C-H-Y which was much cooler before I figured out what the word was. I like the idea of everybody chanting something different at the same time but hated everything the quasi skinheads stood for, well stood against anyway. but also because nobody ever says anything interesting. I'm all about interesting (explains my hair, doesn't it?) Also disrespectful. My great great great great great grandfather Aagarde gave me my red hair and dashed if it isn't the most exquisite part of me. Go vikings! ARGGGHHH!

My husband is a proud supporter of Obama, or at least his economic policy, and I'm all for trains, because trains are the bomb, so we're mostly compatible. Anyway, I was all set for a romantic date to go hear the big speech, because Obama's coming to the fair city that is the center of our small rural universe.

I'm not going, because of other things, but my husband has been standing in line since 1, so he can hear the speech at six. It's kind of sad that I can't experience the historic moment, but oh well. These things happen. My new boots are made for standing in line though, sad not to wear them.

So, what I read: Ice by Durst

It's really quite lovely. I'm a fan of the twist on a fairy tale, and it was really well done. Plus, the protag had red hair. Obviously someone was a brilliant writer to include that detail. Does no one else want to cuddle polar bears? Of course we want to cuddle polar bears, particularly nice ones who ice skate and snowball fight, oh, and have seal breath. The description was stunning, the character development absolutely believable and satisfying, while the plot while a tiny bit predictable was nonetheless tidy and well-paced.

Should mention that there is some shocking language but absolutely no nonsense before marriage, if you know what I mean. Not terribly shocking, farmer shocking, but I find that bad language creeps into my head even exposed in quite small amounts, so be en garde!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

WRiterly Wednesday: What I'm not reading

J.K. Rawlings. Harry Potter. Casual Vacancy. All over the web is the shock, horror, laud, something that is a successful MG writer breaking into a completely different market. I started out annoyed by her. Mostly because she makes so much money, biased of me, but there you have it. Does someone who wrote so successfully have to compete with the other literary/slow writers who don't own an island, you know, the ones who write behind the door between orders, or keep the notepad under the washing machine so they can write between loads?

The other issue with the book for me is that she has a reputation of being a 'safe' author for children. A huge lament is running abroad that her book will lure innocent children into shocking scenarios because Casual Vacancy is an extremely adult book. This would be less of an issue if she had published under a pseudonom, but alas, she did not.

I've decided to forgive her however, and here's why: She stayed true to Harry Potter through all seven books. She didn't throw in an anti-middle class morality like she could have in the end, like seems to be the entire exposition of CV. She maintained a tone with the discipline I can only admire. So, because of that follow through, I'm giving her permission to write something else, different genre, different audience. She feels much better now.

Personally, I'm not going to read it. The most telling review I read went something like, "I love small town politics. This book was amazing! I don't think anyone who is bored by small town politics will like it at all." Not my cup of tea, or butterbeer either.

Is anyone going to give the very adult Casual Vacancy a try? If so, let me know what you think.

Monday, October 1, 2012

i love october

i love october

i love october by bohocute featuring jason wu

I am so excited that it's October! One of my favorite months, and so many awesome things planned for it. Hope everyone enjoys their cozy sweats and pretty dresses. Yeah, I know they don't really 'go', but you can say you're dressing up. I'll make up a character, Charlie Charade who always wears dresses with sweats. The things I do for you:)

Jason wu

Sacai leather coat
$1,480 -

T by alexander wang

Lace up boots