Saturday, October 20, 2012

Sew Saturday: Cozy Coats for Winter

Hello! So, sew, so, I have been sewing coats, for the first time ever before it gets cold. I know, pretty amazing. My son, Atomizer's coat, made out of a lovely coat my in-laws brought back from Alaska for me but was alas not my style, now is his size, with a fleece hood added.

He loves it, of course, because it's a MOOSE and who doesn't love a MOOSE? He's a very excellent sweeper as you can see.

Baby's coat is fleece lined with cotton jersey, pattern from Ottobre, I LOVE that magazine, although I have too many of them. So many great basics and also special patterns.

Isn't she delicious? Chocolate with strawberry swirls! So sweet. It's not as warm as the others because I didn't put any thinsulate in between the layers. Ah well.

And last, but not least, my sweet rose bud, or shall I say, lavender blossom?

She's twirling. Because the coat is divine. This one is from BurdaStyle, a pattern magazine from Germany. Ottobre is from Finland, or Denmark, I forget which. We really should have a pattern magazine in our country, there are several in other places in the world. Kind of bewildering that we don't, really. Is there one that I've missed? At any rate, these are the coats that I suffered and struggled to create, and they are all satisfying for everyone involved. Oh. I forgot to mention, this coat comes from a hideous eighties mutton sleeve trench coat I found at the thrift store. It happens to be Lavender Blossom's favorite color so I got it. As fabric which is against the 'rules', you know, the 'no buying fabric for a year' rules, but that's okay. Because it was a coat and it used up thinsulate I inherited. Those cheetah pants you can barely see are the sleeves of an extra large turtleneck I got with the coat, not to match, but because she yearns to be a 'jungle person'. 

Are you guys all ready for winter? Any plans to get things all pulled together?

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