Thursday, October 18, 2012

Theatrical Thursday: Two movies to miss

So, lately the movies have been hit or miss, who am I kidding? Mostly miss.

What is there to talk about regarding Dark Shadows?

It was dark, there were shadows, the end. Oh, and everything burned down! That was exciting. Seriously, it was beautifully designed, Tim Burton is, after all, a beautiful designer, but the plot was... I'm not sure what the plot was. Vampire comes back, brings back his family fortune and kill the witch. All right. The thing was that the Vampire was truly horrific, killing people because they're liars, thieves, or other imperfect things when he's a blood sucking murderer all the time. So the hero was too hypocritical to be sympathetic and the bad guy, the girl was actually really sad because she just loved him, and he didn't love her, and she didn't go around mass murdering people. Also, I have a hard time sympathizing with super rich people who are so condescending towards everyone else. And there was tons of ick. Superfluous, pointless ick. So, it was a miss for me although it was very pretty.

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