Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Obama in Athens! and What I read Wednesday

Hello! I'm not politically assertive, mostly because I was raised by Anarchists, The statement before was meant to be funny but now strikes me as disrespectful. My parents are extreme constitutionalists, possibly the opposite of anarchists. I dislike Anarchy immensely. In high school I sat by some outcasts who when everyone would chant V-I-C-V-I-C-T-O-R-Y as led by the cheerleaders would chant A-A-N-A-N-A-R-C-H-Y which was much cooler before I figured out what the word was. I like the idea of everybody chanting something different at the same time but hated everything the quasi skinheads stood for, well stood against anyway. but also because nobody ever says anything interesting. I'm all about interesting (explains my hair, doesn't it?) Also disrespectful. My great great great great great grandfather Aagarde gave me my red hair and dashed if it isn't the most exquisite part of me. Go vikings! ARGGGHHH!

My husband is a proud supporter of Obama, or at least his economic policy, and I'm all for trains, because trains are the bomb, so we're mostly compatible. Anyway, I was all set for a romantic date to go hear the big speech, because Obama's coming to the fair city that is the center of our small rural universe.

I'm not going, because of other things, but my husband has been standing in line since 1, so he can hear the speech at six. It's kind of sad that I can't experience the historic moment, but oh well. These things happen. My new boots are made for standing in line though, sad not to wear them.

So, what I read: Ice by Durst

It's really quite lovely. I'm a fan of the twist on a fairy tale, and it was really well done. Plus, the protag had red hair. Obviously someone was a brilliant writer to include that detail. Does no one else want to cuddle polar bears? Of course we want to cuddle polar bears, particularly nice ones who ice skate and snowball fight, oh, and have seal breath. The description was stunning, the character development absolutely believable and satisfying, while the plot while a tiny bit predictable was nonetheless tidy and well-paced.

Should mention that there is some shocking language but absolutely no nonsense before marriage, if you know what I mean. Not terribly shocking, farmer shocking, but I find that bad language creeps into my head even exposed in quite small amounts, so be en garde!

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