Tuesday, March 8, 2011

For Fools and other well dressed folks

April first is the day. Here it is in the solidish print of the plasma page. I'm planning on hats. And cream puffs. It's the day that my fabulously fantastic terrifyingly brilliant novel will hit estores. The House of Slide, about girls and souls and sadistic bad guys. I wish I'd made a sadistic good guy, but not to be. Well, maybe a little bit. This girl Dariana has this super power mafia family who are trying to find her brother's killer before he finds her, if something else doesn't kill her first. And the love interest, Lewis, is all kinds of heroic and marvelous, besides which he drives a purple car. If that's not enough to engage interest, we also have the psycho stalker demon monster rider whose always threatening to steal her away to his world. He's gotten a lot of support in his pursuit of the girl. I tend to agree, but no, we must be loyal to Lewis and his purple car. Hmmm, purple car vs. demon monster. I should do a vote. No, no, that's a distraction. The point is, hats! So there will be a hat contest instead. And I will once again attempt scones to go with my peppermint iced tea. Oh, we are excited! And exciting! I will post pics!