Thursday, March 26, 2015

70 + K And still not done?

This bodes ill for the final thing. I want to wrap it up so badly, I've beginning thinking about bringing everyone back to life for the end. Doesn't that sound FUN? As in insane? Yes, I agree. Fantasy can't be that annoying. Sigh. I really did want to bring Devlin back. He's been dead for such a long time. The whole time, actually. Wouldn't it be wonderful if he'd never been dead after all? Wonderful, but still annoying. Sigh. Following arbitrary rules are terrible.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Front Page News

I just got back from vacation! It is too cold in Ohio.

I'm a little bit in shock with some exciting news. Back when I first published my first book, when I googled House of Slide, I got pages of houses with slides. Cool, right? I thought so, but now those brilliant slides are relegated to other pages because my story has taken the first page.

Happy Dance! High Fives! I'm front page news, at least House of Slide is.

Thanks to all the brilliant readers and reviewers who brought me this far on my exciting journey of life in fantasy.

Relax and enjoy the sunset.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

58,689 Words of Hollow, Book 4, House of Slide

Not really a landmark, but the last ten thousand words have been very slow. I've been editing, and going back and forth with this strange back and forth between different POV's, (point of views) of the MC's (main characters) and writing the same scenes from different angles, and the Hollow One has all these other viewpoints to see things through, you know, corpse poachers, librarians and rats, oh, and spies and ninjas... (I'm rolling my eyes. This is getting a bit ridiculous, you know?) At any rate, it's confusing to write, and probably confusing to read, and maybe the whole thing will get cut, which shall be a sad day because it's so interesting to read about how things look from a slightly red tinted mostly black and white visual perspective.

So, I'm writing, and trying to wrap up this monstrously lovely thing, but I'm distracted by all these wonderful things, Watergirl two, oh, this scene where she's in this glass cage filled with water and she shatters it and kills the scientist woman and steals a car and breaks out this other gilled dude, only a Vashni, you know, the evil ones, and has to find out what's going on with Sean and why he got replaced by an evil clone at his university... And then the other thing, that I don't even barely remember except it has to do with a kickboxing girl who moves to a small town to put her bad girl life behind her and ends up as a near victim of a necromancer and a werewolf and a vampire who are part of this mystery of who killed the head cheerleader and wants to bring her back... in her body! dun dun dun. And then book three, where Dari is in this car chase with the Hollow One and her trainer Matthew, and they're tunneling underground and trying to escape this horde of possessed truck drivers... AGH! It will be so creepy good. Anyway, that's my writer's life, too much too write, too little time, and that's why I haven't been blogging. Well, that and I don't really like blogging. I never feel like I have anything to say. I have no advice on how to write or anything. I do get lost more often then most people, so if you'd like, I could write a blog post on that...

Anyway, Happy reading, writing, or both probably.

Happy Snow Day!

8 inches and falling. Beautiful day for a nap.