Monday, March 4, 2013

SWAP: Sick of brown

So, Doesn't this look nice in sideways world? I was going to make this beautiful dress but realized that it made far more sense to make separates out of the same fabric that would work as a dress. The top is cut out on my table, waiting... and waiting...

I threw out my neck waltzing, so I'm kind of afraid to sew in case it makes it worse. Isn't that the best excuse ever? I obviously can't do dishes or fold laundry either. Oh the sacrifices I make for dance.

This is the Vogue skirt with the gore in the back. It makes the bottom flip out at the bottom, kind of like a bell, but I REALLY love the silhouette it gives. I love the way that I can do absolutely anything in this skirt, high kicks, squats, lunges, you name it. I'm going to have to steam press the hem still so the edges that poke out a little lay flatter. It was a complicated skirt, lined, with a faced hem on the shaped gore. I loved learning all those new seam finishes. It said to finish all the inside seams, but I think for a fully lined wool, unlike the silk that the pattern used, it should be stable enough.

So, a not too boring basic to go with my SWAP. Win win! I have to force myself to sew browns though, I'm sick of it. I want teal, gold, ecru, anything really that isn't brown. Ah well.

Doesn't it look nice with my riding boots? And my bed?

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  1. i love your "sideways" outfit. this is a great skirt! so full and fun. i wish i could sew!!!