Thursday, May 26, 2011

Hit and Miss

Mostly miss. Somehow I never thought I wouldn't be happy with a love triangle going the way I wanted it to go. I mean, Unearthly by Cynthia Hand, I read, very much liked, and yet, I am dissatisfied with the resolution. It's not that I don't like how it ended, I do, but I'm not satisfied. This makes no sense, even to me. In the Phantom of the Opera I root for the Phantom, mostly because he's more interesting even if he'd make a terrible boyfriend. So her decisions are actually very intelligent real world wise, but not as interesting plot wise. I suppose that's it. It's like if Bella met Mike and they hit it off and Edward was a cute guy that Bella crushed on but didn't actually like. Hmmm. Unless she still got sucked into vampireland, it would be a cute story without anything dynamic. Two people being together who are good for each other is really great, and we want that in real life, but it lacks the torment that sucks me into fiction.

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