Monday, May 23, 2011

Hotblood Hat Party!

Oh, it was MARVELOUS! Of course I did not do cream puffs or anything else like that, but Jamio brought shortbread, so that was all right. Jamio also was the exciting winner of my hat contest. She won the  grand prize. One copy of Hotblood, and a Freud magnetic doll. There were some exceptionally fine hats in that doll. There was a civil war hat, several pageboys, three widebrimmed hats, two straw, one felt, two cowboy hats, one camouflage hunter's cap, one ruffled knit cap, two bucket hats, and of course Jamio's flower wreath. Not technically a hat, but I okayed it since she made it out of blackberries, clover and daisy. She is very Cool. I mean, if they existed, she'd definitely be one. She's also cool, but of course, everyone who came was. Cool, Wild, Hot, all of that. None of us were Hollow though after we ate the gorgeous pineapple salads. Three people brought pineapple salad. I think that's completely appropriate considering how hatlike I've always found them. It's a fruit with a hat.


  1. We had so much fun! So fun to have an excuse to wear a hat :D

  2. Your hat made quite the statement. Something about, "You'll be dead before you see me coming":)