Thursday, June 16, 2011

Not So Red

Yes, the cinematography was evocative and dramatic, the costuming was grand, and the overall grandeur was... grand. But the ending was so contraindicative. The plot was all right, the plot wasn't particularly plotty, not a mystery so much as a... guess who it is with all the clues pointing to everyone else. 
The whole time I was wondering why they didn't do a test where they made everyone go into the church and see who did and didn't burn. Simple, brisk, no one roasted in the elephant. I liked the elephant though. It was so arbitrary and extraneous. Can't help like something that bizarre. Will I watch it again? Mmmm, the actor can't act however big her eyes are. The cute guys were kind of skinny to be woodsmen, if you know what I mean;) So probably no. But it was fun and I didn't fall asleep.

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