Friday, June 10, 2011

Thunder, Lightning, Thor and True Grit

I had the lowest expectations for both Thor and True Grit. Everyone loved True Grit which always makes me suspicious, and the previews for Thor were very video gamey. Not a bad thing necessarily, I just didn't go in expecting any kind of plot. Oh, the errors of my ways. Thor was lovely. There wasn't a single bikini clad warrior chick that I noticed, Thor himself was a gentleman, no Conan jerk here, and there was an actual plot, one that made sense even! It had character development, which of course, no one in their right mind would expect, but there you go. As for True Grit, well, that's a movie I'll be thinking about for a few days at least. There was no dramatic cinematography, there was only raw emotive acting, clever dialogue, and extremely vigorous vocabulary. I didn't even recognize Matt Damon until the end credits, DH said, "is that Matt Damon?" and I said, "Oh no, not remotely." So there you go. An excellent unexpected movie week.

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