Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Every Body Every Where: YELLOW (or Ripe Mangoes)

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Hello! Overdue, and Overdone. I've always wanted to do Every Body Every Where, mostly because I love to see real people wearing real clothes and looking cute without being stick thin cookie cut outs created to engender feelings of inadequacy which leads to shopping sprees. So... Here I am, real people in real clothes. And this skirt is still FANTASTIC! I wish I'd made it sooner. The sweater is from Banana Republic, my sister made me get it because it was on sale, and because she thinks everyone should own something yellow, and it's the only yellow that doesn't make me look death pukely sick. My sister always makes me buy stuff.

This sweater is something I pull out when I want my husband to blink at me like an owl. Something awfully attractive about owls:) Anyway, the shoes my sister bought for me, (I think we are seeing where most of my shopping comes from) and they are leather that still smells like goat pee. The shirt is from Old Navy, (I bought that one all by myself) and the hat, I bought from somewhere online. It's a good hat, wool, floppy, and I feel something like a black and white cinema star who doesn't have freckles. Not that there's anything wrong with freckles, it's just for friendly, happy people, not black and white cinema stars, which I secretly am (minus the cinema).

I am overdue. That means that all of my shirts ride up within thirty seconds of pulling them down, and I end up flashing the poor overworked postal woman my extremely outty belly button. I feel like gus gus from Cinderella, (Hey, there's cinema, right?) Yeah. Anyway, got this photo before the shirt crawled up to my ribs. Success!

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