Friday, August 12, 2011


It was never the candlesticks, always the candles, what you add to the wax. Not that the carving wasn't important. How could you remember what was in the mixture if you didn't have it labeled? Mislabeling could be very deadly.
He wasn't interested in anything I had on hand, not any one of the great three, health, wealth, love, no. He wanted to take on death. Which brings me back to the candle, the one that burns on both ends. How can you light such a candle and have it last more than one night? It's more than a theoretical impossibility. There will be finger burning involved at the very least. I had a notion that the least was not what I'd end up giving.
He wasn't the kind of person who took the least a person could offer and pay full price for it. So that was the thing. Was I willing to play this game with someone who was willing to face, no, to defeat death?

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