Friday, November 18, 2011

Fashion Friday: Cute and Cozy Collide!

I like sweat pants. Not just any sweat pants, my DH's sweatpants that are like footie pajamas because they're so long and trailing under my feet. It's a sad day when the ankles get holes in them and I have to cut them off and wear socks like a normal person, maybe I could wear them backwards and get more wear out of them except that would require me to tie the thingy (called a tie;) from behind and I'm not sure if I'm that dextrous.

So the wardrobing that I've been doing, aka, examining my closet, has led me to realize some gaping holes. I have fancy clothes and schlumpy clothes and hardly anything in between. Problem? Um, since my life is mostly somewhere in between, yes, I'd say it is. And to think I never noticed this until forced (by myself) to do this fascinating closet analysis.

The reason for this gap is because I think wearable clothing is mostly too boring to shop for and too tedious to sew. I like new, exciting, twirly/silky/wool stuff that isn't quite as wearable as daily fare. So I'm going to try and incorporate cozy fabrics, like fleece, into sophisticated patterns that make frumpy clothes fashionable. I'm not certain this won't fail brilliantly, but I'm mostly okay with that. Has anyone else got gaps that they'd like to fill? Too much fancy? Not enough?


  1. Oh yes. Gaps any way you look at it. (Although I don't know how that's possible with our tiny tiny closet.) My problem is that I still think my wardrobe now is still a "transition wardrobe." You know, transition from post-baby size to pre-baby size, but I think I'll have to accept it as fate, and I should just get/sew more clothes for the size I am now. *Sigh* I didn't mean to complain :)

  2. I know what you mean! My body goes back in some ways, but other things, hips, ribs, change differently after each pregnancy and then you're stuck with a post-baby-semi-permanent body. Ah well, surely you can make even cuter clothes for your current body. I hate that though-that I can't stay the same and that my favorite clothes will last forever. Ah well. You can look at it this way--you now have the chance to really think about what you need to make your wardrobe work, to plan so that you make the most of your space, money, thrift what you can't make, save for what you can't thrift, that kind of thing. I really really loved my pregnancy wardrobe. I started out with zero and it was so liberating to be really thoughtful about what I wanted and I shop carefully. I only had a few things, but they worked wonderfully well and now I'm sad to part with them:)