Friday, November 11, 2011

Fashion Friday: I have Nothing to wear

Yes, your closet is full, your settee is overflowing with garments onto your hardwood floor, your drawers are spilling into other drawers and yet, you have nothing to wear. The scenario is played time and again in many a desperate scene.

Dreamscape: You wake up one morning with birds singing outside your window. You yawn, stretch, and sit up, the birds and mice have already pulled back your blanket and pushed your slippers under your feet. Mice? Make that frogs. treefrogs are really cute. And slimy. Anyway, you take a shower on the wood floor from a sponge held by a bird, and then the frogs mop up the mess, or you leave it there because you don't actually like the wood floor and are wanting a little revenge from the wicked stepmother, landlord, whatever. So, you raise your arms over your head and the flocks of fowl drop your garments onto your body.

If only it were so easy in real life. Wait, maybe it is! Some people take this kind of thing very very very seriously. That's mostly because they're terribly serious. We are not, but sometimes we try. (although we know what birds are most likely to drop on us and it's not trimmed in chiffon)

So we are going to do a nothing to wear segment where we will break down the wardrobe and figure out what works and what doesn't. Doesn't this sound fun! (that's not a question because I don't want any smart answers:)

First step, take out your clothes and take photos of all of them. Yes, this sounds fun! (again, no comments) It is an extremely smart thing to do if you're looking to maximize what you've got and figure out why all of these things add up to nothing to wear. Trust me. I'm a... trustworthy person? Anyway. This is what you do. You take pictures of all your clothes. Style them. Make them look good. Do a photo shoot worthy of an Anthropologie catalog.

After you've got all of this stuff organized, you go over to  where you have to be a member, sorry, get a membership first, it's like a facebook membership, no fees or anything, they just don't want spammers. ANYWAY after you go to the link above, you create your digital closet. You upload all your clothes and suddenly, you're eternally organized. You go online, take a look at your closet and suddenly, you can see colors combinations, shapes, things that go together that you'd never before considered. Oh yes! This is fun! And then, you wear said clothing and for the one day you get dressed all week, you look fabulous!


  1. How did you know I have this problem?? :D I may have to try this... it sounds fun!

  2. See? Fun fun! I'm still working on the whole thing since it takes awhile to upload photos. You could probably just do it on your computer and not have to worry about go chic or go home. But knowing what's in your closet is half the battle, although the GI joe thing makes dressing super easy, camouflage, anybody?