Monday, November 14, 2011

Music Monday: Sound of Silence

How did November get away so fast? It's practically over and I'm still trying to figure out how to make cropped fall pants. Maybe I'm not supposed to ever go there. Of course I will anyway:)

This is a winter coming on and it sucks but there's groovy on the other side, right? Of course right!

Yeah, we should all just get along. And get hair like that. So... I'm thinking of getting a perm. Not like that, one of those vintage dooeys they call sets. I googled it. Everyone who gets them looks totally cool. I will think on this, don't want to do anything rash with my hair even though I always do rash things with my hair. This also reminds me of Edie Brickell marrying Simon, Paul, and they're just a super cute weird couple, like Helen Bonham Carter and Tim Burton. Do you have a favorite cute weird couple that was just made for each other? Favorite hair style? Favorite winter coming on song?


  1. I know a cute and weird couple. Me and Frank. Or is it Frank and me? Or maybe Frank and I? Anyhow, we are.

  2. VERY cute! And you play so brilliantly together whether it's tango or classic, jazz or polka--wait do you play the polka?