Thursday, May 31, 2012

The making of a trailer

So, I will do a trailer making post reveal, you know, because you've already seen the awesome trailer. Here goes!

This is Dariana in the will be famous one day Dariana's nightgown. Notice the corset and the pretty lip gloss. Goes with the knife handle. So... One day Dariana was playing croquet and realized that 'I forgot my croquet mallet', but her boyfriend Lewis said, 'don't worry Dari, you can use this cool knife'. And Dariana said, 'Gee, Lewis, but what if I accidentally fling it backwards and nail an old lady between the eyes like that time when we went bowling.' Lewis has a thoughtful look on his face then gives everyone in the room magic red blue and black helmets that aren't only concussive preventative but also strikingly patriotic. She uses the knife without any further hesitation and wins the game.

This is the cast and crew. Dariana in Dariana's soon to be famous Dariana's nightgown, Atomizer and sweet potato, special effects, Lindey, soon to be famous film noir filmer of black and white things, and Jamio, producer extraordinaire who hauled miles of burlap out of the swap to be used in the running through the woods scene which she ended up not needing because Dariana aka Kimmi has world's toughest feet.

I'm still bummed about the color not being in the final shot, but it was explained for a long time, all the whys and stuff, but it would be so cool. All black and white and then red when she gets her primal on, makes sense, for the book, you know? Of course you know, and if you don't know, go buy my book right now! Agh! Hurry before it's too late!

This makeup is so 'are you a vampire?' don't you think? Very intense. Huh. This was almost my cover, or a version of this anyway, but you know what? I liked my original best after all. Can't mess with originality, or you can, but you might regret it.

So there you go, totally worth waiting for.


  1. this sounds awesome! i love it. and i'm glad i got to see the famous nightgown/corset!!! i'm so excited for you! congrats. i know you've been working hard.

  2. Thank you so much! It's so great to work/play towards something with other great people!