Saturday, November 3, 2012

November, outfit post and donate to Sandy

Hello. I feel silly blogging when there's stuff to do, real stuff like unbury people's houses and find missing cats, but since I'm in Ohio, I'll blog instead.

Red Cross to donate, or set up a blood drive.

Salvation Army to donate. They do a lot of good providing water, clothes, etc.

LDS Philanthropies to donate. I'm a bit embarrassed to know nothing about this because I'm affiliated. Oh well.

So, November, outfit post is below. Here's the tale to accompany such a sweet suit.

I decided that we're going to be hikers. I don't know why I picked the end of autumn to establish ourselves as outdoorsy types. Dow Map So, we picked a lake, and off we went, after four, and I wore that outfit, the one below because if I was going to hike, I was going to look like Nancy Drew. It had been raining all morning, but did that stop me? Oh no. I looked like Nancy Drew. Would rain stop Nancy Drew? (minus the motorcycle pants. My motorcycle pants were made and designed by me a mixture of baby cord and sweatshirt fabric, best of all worlds) I even made annoying comments several times about how we wouldn't melt.

So, we took a trail, lakeview, because if you go to a lake, you should check out the view. It was a lovely view. It stopped raining and most of the mud was covered with slick leaves so the only mud I got on my pants was from the baby who escaped and ran into the mud (of course). The trail was 3.3 miles, a bit of a hike for newcomers to the sport with a five year old atomizer in tow, but we could do it.  We were led by Nancy Drew! We trailed all those fingers, and we were nearly at the end, hurray because it was getting a little bit dusky, and we had to get home and hot chocolate. The kids were amazing hikers, most of the time.


I didn't actually look at a map (like Nancy Drew would have done) because I'm not actually Nancy Drew, even if I stole her outfit. It turns out that the trail around the lake only goes to the beach. Oh dear. With darkness coming on us, the cold wind picking up it was crisis time. My darling, excellent husband rescued us. He raced back along the trail, sliding down ravines, dashing up slopes, all to get to the van in the nick of near black. Whew! It was a carried by angels moment, although his ankles still hurt. Poor thing. My ankles feel great, of course. I wasn't running. I was crammed into the open sewage bathroom with my darlings.

My riding boots were beautiful and functional, as was my wool riding coat, and the fedora. Isn't it amazing how functional can be perfectly gorgeous?

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