Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Mystery of the Vanishing Blog Tour

All right, so, today I was supposed to be at someone's blog, someone with a cat type name, which I'm sure everyone would find all sorts of delightsome, but instead I'm here, on a Tuesday, with no blog spot to visit. It's very sad. I got dressed today and everything.

So, Let's talk about food. Or rather, I'll show a picture of food, and you can look at it. Ready?

This is breaded salmon and a heady mixture of envious greens. Broccoli, edamame, lima beans, lightly steamed and tossed with garlic, lemon sauce, and then the salmon.
These are the salmon breading ingredients.

1 cup of Whole wheat flour (preferably freshly ground)
2 tsp salt
1 tsp garlic powder
precisely two dashes of ground cayenne
and a couple of twists from your pepper mill.

Mix up the flour combination, pull out your salmon, dip it in the flour, (you should have a well oiled pan on the stove, I use electric because it heats faster and contains the oil spitting) Put the salmon in the pan, continue with the rest of your pieces, however large you like, then voila! Well, let it cook for a bit until salmon pulls off flaky and breading is the gorgeous golden color above (the whole wheat flour browns darker than white flour).

Do you have a favorite way of making fish?


  1. Okay...now, I'm hungry; though you can keep the lima beans. ^_^ Fish prep for me...a nice piece of salmon with a little olive oil in a pan on the stove. Choose your dry seasonings (Mrs. Dash Lemon Pepper blend is awesome), and crisp a little on both sides and TADA! Yummy goodness. ^_^

  2. Mmm sounds lovely. My only thing is my intense dislike for fish in general, so it has to not actually taste like fish. I wish I loved fish, it's so healthy!