Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Trauma Tuesday: unmaking of the princess dress

Let's talk about unmaking. What's the fantasy book about the unmakers? Where the guy saves everyone by destroying everything first? Well, that's great, right? Completely illogical, like in Iron Monkey where they have a poison cure by using... (you guessed it) poison. Love it. So here I am, ripping apart all these little girl dresses to use for slips for the fantastically fantastic dress for my upcoming 8yr old, sweet pea.

It feels futile. Purposeless, but perhaps I'm one thread away from coming to the other side, tipping over like on Thor where the planet shifts, up becomes down and voila! All those irrationals are proven worthy. So I'm unmaking.

I would post pictures, but who wants photos of slips in process? Boring. Could I photograph them beautifully? Will have to see tomorrow when there's light to work with. Maybe it'll inspire a painting. So that's something to look forward to, pictures of stuff! Woot! This blog is finally stepping into its own.