Monday, April 22, 2013

The Opposite of Love: Book Review

The Opposite of Love by Julie Buxbaum

I avoid books on the holocaust, about cancer, anything that's going to leave me a sodden wreck for hours afterwards. It's too much reality for my fiction. This book has a line about the 'feel-good movie that turns into a cry-fest' and while I didn't tear up, and it did leave me wanting to eat pie with my relatives it was still way too sad to be called, 'hilarious and heartwarming'. 

That aside, it was certainly well-written and the characters were well-drawn. It wasn't simple but at the same time, there was a satisfying plot arc. I like my happy endings, and so this book is more 3.75 stars for me. I think the cover deluded me (It was the cover with the bright happy coat on the front) that it was more 'you've got mail' than 'all the people you love will die so you need to accept it', or something. 

I liked the old judge, I like the idea that we still have to be fighting for something good, but I think that the lawyer should have had something else in her life besides her work. I mean, she wants to change the world, but she's not involved in anything. Oh well. She's obviously got some issues in her life she has to work through, and I'm sure at the end of everything she'll be able to work at the animal shelter or something. 

Now I'm off to send a card to the people who I love who are going to die. You know, all of them. Cuz dying is what we do...

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