Thursday, August 18, 2011

Jane Eyre

Well. It was marvelous. Rochester wasn't ugly enough, and they missed most of my favorite inner monologues, but what they used was mostly Bronte's, and therefore truly brilliant. I love this book. My DH doesn't. He spent the whole time irritated and confused by what was going on. Which is fine, I mean, it's supposed to be a gothic novel where you're wondering what's going on. It's fun. Oh, I liked Rochester. How nicely acted. I missed the scenes they skipped, the gypsies, the dialogues together, oh, I love their dialogues together, but they got some nice ones. Alice played Jane quite well. The cinematography was lovely as was the architecture. It was quite enjoyable. It would have been better seen with a group of like minded women, you know, who weren't asking all the time why Jane would like Rochester who is such a jerk, but that's all right. It's the romance, you know, the passion, the fact that he loved her when she'd always thought she wasn't particularly lovable. Besides that, he was interesting. Enough said. Well worth watching!

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