Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Priest, or How to waste Acting Talent

If I were going to find someone to play a one dimensional character, I would find someone who embodies one dimensional characters. Like Aarnold Schwartzneiger or Jet Li, or you know, those action types. Not Chaucer. Bettany, whose first name slipped my mind although I googled it five seconds ago, is not one dimensional. He gives life and spark to lines as well as Snape, whose name I also don't remember, but wasn't he marvelous in that wine tasting film? Not like he isn't marvelous in anything he does, oh, but I digress. Bettany is casted as a soulful priest who hunts vampires. I was prepared to absolutely love this. I love the bad guy, he was actually the best part of this film. The guy on RED, the good guy bad guy who couldn't decide which side he was supposed to be on. Anyway, whoever directed The Priest saved all the coolness for the bad guy, when Priest could have been seriously tormented and interesting. With lines that carried. Oh well. The most memorable line was from a preview, don't remember what movie it was from, but it went something like, "Weapons: They have to choose sides too," and wasn't that a brilliant line. Not. It made me giggle though, and that is the purpose of movies. The music was truly melodramatic, and the only one who played with that was the bad guy. He was fun while he slaughtered things, didn't take himself soooo seriously. The Priest was too serious and boring. And what did they get rid of his accent for? Anyway, I liked the movie anyway, even though I kept waiting in vain for Bettany to be brilliant. The girl was absolutely madly lovely. I loved to see her slash people to bits and show all the internal turmoil that the Priest stoically (and slightly constipatedly) did not show.

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