Monday, September 19, 2011

Music Monday

All right. Because I'm interested in random things and there was a lovely article in a crafty mag that was all about artists' rights and the way the internet is like rain, I've been asking on and off what songs people think about when they're looking for a rain song. The interesting thing about this, other than that I ask people weird questions, is that NO ONE had the same answer. I was certain that if I asked a broader circle of people I could get A favorite, but no luck. There were no same answers. So, I decided that we need to do a full exploration of rain songs.

#1 Eddie Rabbitt, I love a Rainy Night, Frankly, one of the happiest rain dance songs known to man. (My DH informs me that I shouldn't put 'known to man' because it's sexist. I informed him that I could too. Aren't I liberated?:)

If you've got a rain song that I haven't heard of(likely considering my current feedback) please let me know. Oh, and Natascia, I tried to comment on your comment but was once again rejected. It's sad too because it was an oh sooooo clever and witty and non whiny comment.;)

And don't you love my flowers and fall show? I'm feeling yellow in spite of all the rain. Let the dancing commence!


  1. I like the new picture at the top and new design! :) That is too bad you can't reply to my comment. Hmm...strange. Oh, Blogger... (*sigh*)

  2. I know! I'm going to have to figure this stuff out, or maybe get my husband to:)

  3. I totally didn't think that would actually post. Hurray!