Monday, September 26, 2011

Music Monday

All right. Today was the kind of day that smelled like barley soup and wet wildflowers. Could it get any better?

A poem? By one of the loveliest poets of the last century, Elizabeth Bishop? Why I do believe that this day just improved!

Hidden, oh hidden 
in the high fog 
the house we live in, 
beneath the magnetic rock, 
rain-, rainbow-ridden, 
where blood-black 
bromelias, lichens, 
owls, and the lint 
of the waterfalls cling, 
familiar, unbidden.

We have rain, rainbows and OWLS-universal symbol of all things fall and back-to-schoolish. 

So...about the rain. I had an impressive list from my brilliant lovely sister-in-law musical type, and one of them was this:
Sheer loveliness. Time to go for a bike ride! Man! I'm also reminded of all the seventies fashion that's going on right now. What do you think about it? There's a sweetheart neckline prairie dress that I'm thinking about creating. 

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