Monday, October 3, 2011

Music Monday: Raindrop etude and I thought I knew Chopin

So it turns out that there's an entire musical community outside of my head. Pretty weird, eh? I've had about 14 months of formal piano lessons in my life. My mama taught me how to read music pretty young, I can't remember not being able to, and I kind of played what I wanted, when I wanted, and always had a thing for chopin. So, this piece, this raindrop piece, I always thought it was marvelously thundery and stuff, but I had no idea it actually had the nickname raindrops. I always called it an etude. You know, one of his five billion. I appreciate the nickname helps to differentiate and stuff. Anyway.

Thank you Natascia! Without you I would still be playing this in the isolation of my own head. If this kind of thing continues I may have to give Chopin a completely different foreign accent from the one in my head!

Here it is: Raindrop Etude

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