Friday, October 7, 2011

Fashion Friday: Trench and French

All right. So... trench coats. I have one my mother gave me after it languished for years in her closet after it had languished for years in her sister's closet, and where her sister got it, I am not quite certain. It's tan, classic shape, the kind of trench that they're selling at Gap and wherever else. I think it looks fairly decent on me, and it's a bit of a conscience, telling me to stand up straight and forego the yelling at bad drivers. It's incredibly boring though. I feel like I should wear sequined tights or something to give it oomph! Now this is a trenchcoat with its own oomph.


Coat   (see more polka dot trench coats)

Not particularly trenchy or even waterproof, but soooooo cute! It makes me want to cut out that green stripe weatherproof fabric and paint on some flowers. What do you think? Do you like trench coats?

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