Monday, October 10, 2011

Music Monday and The Cult

This song kind of makes me want to write a costume ball for Dari. She could have a heart painted on her cheek. I don't think it's really appropriate for anyone male who isn't Captian hook. The Cult is a band I don't listen to, nope, not even when I'm writing costume balls. I'm too young. This is my sister's song. She's amazingly cool and elegant and she would look wonderful as a Captain Hook. Or one of those Japanese Dancers. I hope she does not go for the behind the screen thing although I'm sure if she wanted to she could outscreen those screeners nine times out of ten.

The only Eighties thing I really like is, Walk like an Egyptian, and Nights in White Satin, and Belinda Carlisle, and Abba.

So here's the Cult

The blond guitarist kind of looks like Billie Idol. Oh, and Billie Idol! Are there any great Eighties I'm forgetting?

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