Saturday, October 29, 2011

Sew Saturday: October round up

This October has been a fingers flying month to be sure. I had so many things to make, and astonishingly enough, I actually made most of them.

1: purple linen jumper for 3 month old
2: Purple linen bubble skirt for 6 year old
3: Rainbow Wizard Pajamas for 8yr old
4: Rainbow Wizard Pajamas for 4 year old
5: Coverall for 3 mo old
6: Cloud Fairy costume including leotard
7: Lightning prince costume including gold lame pants
8: Blue linen Marleine Deitrich pants for yours truly

And of course I planned on more, but didn't get to more, got to eight. EIGHT! Wow. I didn't count at the time, but that is a heapload of things to put together. I admit, I don't usually start and finish things in the same month, usually things drag on for ages, sometimes a year. Sad, I know, but apparently October is get things done month. Yay! It's partly the sewing ladies fault. They inspire me, start me thinking about all the cute things out there that need to be part of my world. Okay. One picture, because frankly, it's HILARIOUS!!!!!

Voila! Rainbow Wizards!

The stripe was free from an online fabric store, SewZanne's, or something. They sent me the wrong stripe so I emailed them and wanted to send this stuff back, but they didn't want it. Seriously, a strange, weird stripe to be sure, but good fabric, the camouflage was from a wrap skirt I got at Ross ages ago but retired because I'm not really a camouflage person anymore. So sad. Sigh. Moving on. The turquoise at the hems makes the stripes pop. Because we need contrasting crotches popping:-)

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