Monday, October 31, 2011

Music Monday: Halloween edition

 I love dressing up. It's one of those silly things I can't seem to grow out of. Oh well. That's what I find so lovely about Halloween. I don't care for candy or scariness actually. I like the dressing up. I already said that. So I guess my point is made. My Halloween soundtrack is actually from Brigadoon. The musical about the people who run around singing in kilts and lovely twirly skirts with ridiculously cinched in waists. I've never met a man who likes Brigadoon. Truthfully, I'm not sure there's a plot. There's a lot of marching around, dancing around, running around, shooting stuff. I love their hunting outfits. I want one. Oh they're fighting over a girl, and the boy who doesn't get her wants to leave but he can't or everyone will die, or something like that. Anyway, music. Go home with Bonnie Jean is a hopping happening song that will have you lord of the dancing with the best of them. Or the worst in my case:)

On second thought, those plaid leggings those guys are wearing are pretty horrifying;-)


  1. I actually love that movie. This number is one of the defining moments of my life, during which I realized that my true calling is to sing and dance like Gene Kelly. I'm a loser :(

  2. hahhahahahahahahah. You're so awesome:) No wonder you're so fun to sing and dance with.