Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Writerly Wednesday: Nanowrimo or something like that

So why do we call it nano? No idea. But November for all you writerly and nonwriterly types is the month when people write ferociously to get to 50K. One month, fifty thousand words, and that way if you've wanted to write a novel but put it off because... whatever. Now is your chance. I have so far 3,896 words. Pretty cool. DH figured out that I'd need average of 2,000 words per day because I take off Sundays. I admit I did not start from scratch. I wrote a few pages of my prequel, Wild, House of Slide and thought it would be dreadful but it's actually perfectly splendid so I'm sticking to it. On, and on, and on, and then voila! A novella to chase away the winter blues. So this is my grand scheme. Anyone out there with me? I'll have to post the highlights in the future to show my progress, you know:) (supposing that there are highlights:(  

Happy November! (this is where I post some cute picture of a turkey frolicking in the leaves or something. Use your imagination!)

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