Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Wild Times: Special Edition

Okay. So, if you ever get suicidal, you might not want to release your menagerie, otherwise the monkeys will get eaten by the tigers, and some tigers will get hit by cars on the freeway. Seriously, CRAZY true story.


  1. Very sad.... and very crazy. Why isn't this illegal?? It's NOT ok to let loose wild animals, who eat people, into a populated area. (Or even, an unpopulated area?) I thought we left all the big scary animals out west in the mountains when we came to live in Ohio! :D

  2. In American Fork, UT, there was a guy down the street who had a few wolves. He had to have special licenses and lots of checkups by city people. It was so neat though, I thought, for him to go walking his wolves down the street in his cool gear. They should probably have lots of psychology check ups though.