Monday, November 7, 2011

music Monday: Autumn Leaves

This morning, I walked out to find that the oak tree had thrown off the last of its burnt crimson dress. It crunches under my feet like last year's seasons. Perhaps next year the style will be a shade darker or lighter. It doesn't matter, it will be lovely.

Autumn Leaves, Nat King Cole, (old king cole? Bing cherries? Nan King?) of course is mahvelous. I had no idea the french version is so depressing. It's about dying in the leaves and not caring because love is dead so we should be too. Isn't that nice? Here's Yves doing it french. (if the video link works:)

It has a non commercial appeal. What do you think? Any favorite versions?


  1. When Goethe's 'The Sorrows of Young Werther' was published in french those frogs threw themselves off bridges in droves and you couldn't keep a clothesline in service for all the young lovers hanging themselves. It's a french thing.

    In any case, that's on my top five all-time favorite song list and I particularly like this rendition.

  2. Aha! I've never heard of Goethe's Sorrows. To me it's all critical analysis. It practically redeems him:) Thanks dear brother. Did you go to Steve's funeral? Caroline played Autumn leaves as only she can (crazed with emotional fervor, misplaced flats, and shriveling leaves that scrape across your cheeks when you close your eyes).

    Miles Davis does a nice one too.

  3. The book was a line of reasoning that concluded that a broken heart pining over unrequited love is like any other fatal disease, arguing that suicide is the only logical course of action when true love leaves you behind. A copy was supposedly found on Hitler's body.

    I was indeed at Steve's funeral. Carolyn, by divine providence, emerged from her insanity for like a month or so--just long enough to brush up her piano chops and say goodbye to her favorite brother before he died and then play for his funeral. Then of course she descended back into her preferred world, maybe for goods.