Saturday, November 5, 2011

Sew Saturday: Swimsuit Edition

Prepare yourself for risque photos. Not really. I am excited to inform all and sundry that I am making a swimming suit. This is something I do every now and again to torture myself with something that is completely impractical and impossible to wear. Fun, no? What else to do in November? I brought together sundry resources, various swimwear, ripped apart a perfectly nice nautical suit in brown floral print to use lining, elastic, whatever odd bits and pieces I can, and have taken nice good art paper to make patterns. My mother always used brown craft paper but I haven't got any. So... I am very thrilled at the prospect, as always. It will be lovely. I'll try and persuade Daisy to model it after I'm done. She tends to be a little bit shy, seeing as how she looks larger than she is she doesn't like to show so much... skin? Anyway, it will be sensational!

Think Grace Kelly in High Society. Right. That is EXACTLY how it will look;)

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