Friday, December 23, 2011

Fashion Friday: the world of fashion solved!

I have found, on this wonderful worldwide web, that there are countless fashion blogs where people put together charming outfits every day. Not only are they charming, they're fashionable, as in, current. It's inspiring to see people who take so much care with what they wear, inspiring and real world, after all, if they can do that, I can too! Only... I don't. In fact, I'm so delighted by what I see, that I feel no need to look at what I'm wearing at all. I can imprint their loveliness on my psyche without the bother of brushing my hair or putting on a skirt. So, having solved all fashion dilemmas current and in the future, I'm free to go back to bed! This is funny to me, if slightly sad. In order to be physically motivated, I think a camera would have to be attached to the deal. You couldn't only read bloggers, you'd have to do it. Such pressure. Maybe you could get dressed seven times in one day, you know, so the rest of the week you could take a break. Either way, I'm sewing a fantastically fantastic(if slightly binding) duo for my daughters. They will look smashing if unconformist, which I'm thinking should be a word, con, un and form with an ist, anyway, I'm thinking that Walmart may be the key to main stream popularity, after all, we stick out when we don't blend in, and if we're not going to stand out in prada or whatever fandy (which should also be a word) label, who wants to stand out? So blending in, going corporate sounds like the next step. Would you like to see some of my favorite fashion blogs? Okay!

because she lives in Scotland or something and wears a lot of green and brown and stuff like that. and false eyelashes. oh, and red hair like moi, only mines more rusty and thick, coarse, anyway, she makes a fine, "what i would wear if i got dressed" kind of blog.


Because she's Russian or something and doesn't really do fashion posts, but goes to interesting things like gothic weddings and alien parties. She makes makeup, green lipstick, that kind of thing.

Hmmm. Can't think of anyone else that is just wow so amazing and therapeutic for my underdressed soul. Everybody Everywhere has some perfectly nice, normal people who get dressed every day. Good for them! Or maybe they only get dressed once a month. Hmmm. Now I'm suspicious. Any favorite fashion blogs? Fashion fantasies? Happy Weekend! Wear something red and green!

Oh, I thought I was done, but the red and green thing reminded me, okay, I did get dressed last week one day, Saturday to be exact, and I wore my green dress, sweetheart neckline, it's the one in my photo, but you can't see it, anyway, I wore it tucked into my red corduroy pants so it's a, get this, shirt. (Amber reading makes me slightly sarcastic and 'oh, aren't I clever but not', so ignore it) Over this "shirt" I wore my dark brown cashmere cardigan I got for a buck fifty at the goodwill on the way home from the zoo that I bought that day in February when I, get this, went to the zoo, and fell in a river on the way in, and was wet the whole time, february, so stopped and bought clothes on the way home so I would freeze a little bit less in brown leggings that I wore with my star wars tunic/jacket and my english rose empire blouse for my travel jacket on our vacation, black pointy witch boots, and fifty sweaters that were all gorgeous and ridiculously cheap. Zoo neighborhood is apparently ritzy in spite of the greek food being iffy. I suppose drive by greek is always suspect. Wow, if you can read those sentences without wanting to disembowel me, I salute you! (run ons, no transitions, blatantly random:) Back to what I wore on Saturday. Um, my coat, the cashmere DK, no, I always get the mixed up, AK coat that is brown with my born boots that are dark dark brown and I got for 15 dollars. Makes me tear up every time I think of it. I love you 6pm. And lipstick! I found my in the red! It was in my pot! I looked very green and red. And brown. Brown is soooooo me. Boring, isn't it? But what can I say? Either I go all wild and exciting and frankly not so flattering, or I don some mud and look slingshot fine. (not something I would ever put in a novel. I promise.)

Anyway, Happy Weekend!


  1. I love your blog! It always makes me smile, no matter what you write :) I'm going to email you my story! It's still at 6 pages. I hope you enjoy it though... it's about winter ;D

  2. I can't wait to see it! I hope your Christmas was lovely, did you have snow? Sunshine on snow is my favorite weather. I'm glad to hear from you:)