Friday, January 13, 2012

Fashion Friday: The love goes on and on...

I have this sort of plan that has to do with cuteness, spreading it out through the month of lurve, with red, pink, flowers, hearts, clocks, all 14 days before the big day. It goes along with the days of valentine, which I stole shamelessly from another blogger, where you do little gifts, poetry for the days before to make it more thoughtful less consumerist, but wouldn't it be nice to combine that with cute florals? I'm trying to scheme up a good plan, do a 14x14 like people do the thirty days thirty things thing. (and look good the whole time, crazy people. Getting dressed thirty days in a row would be challenging enough, not to mention looking cute:)

I'm going to have to investigate this so that if it goes well, it goes well. Otherwise, there's always the wonderful laugh I will have at myself as I flaunt my flannel floral cropped pants. Oh, there's so much to laugh at:) Anyone else want to dress up for two whole weeks in love-ly looks?

From Polyvore where they have bazillions of cute amazing sets that make me want to eat tulips.

Oh, I was actually going to write about how makeup and hair have taken over hats and gloves for finishing outfits. Oh well:) Happy Weekend! Wear something cute;)


  1. Well, that would certainly be a challenge for me. 14 days?! Yikes. Hmmm, I'll have to think about it.

  2. :) I'd love to see what cuteness you came up with!