Thursday, January 12, 2012

Theatrical Thursdays: Main Street

There was an episode on "As Time Goes By", where Judy Denchi is asked if a show is quiet. This is because the people in the background were making noise they didn't want her to hear because it was some sort of surprise. Anyway, "a quiet film" suddenly meant something to me. Other than the volume level. Main Street has two huge things going for it. Mainly, Colin Firth and Orlando Bloom. And yet. It's a very quiet movie. It has a plot and other things that movies need, (Colin Firth with a Texas accent not being one of them) but it also has silence. For the first half hour we weren't sure if it was a drama, a horror, or an artsy film. Frankly, it had the feel of a documentary. In spite of it seeming longer than it was, I kind of liked it. Would I watch it again? hmm. I really can't say.


  1. never heard of it, but i am definitely intrigued by colin firth with a texas accent.

  2. hmm, sounds interesting. a quiet movie. does that mean slow :) at all. but quiet is nice but i have to be in the right mood.

  3. Hahahaha. Yes, Colin Firth with the accent was definitely interesting. Quiet means quiet, and slow, and thoughtful, or a pick-your-own definition. It's interesting how much mood music gives to a movie though, something you notice when they don't use it very much.