Monday, February 13, 2012

Music Monday: I Love You Always Forever

I realize somewhat belatedly that I've managed to make this blog more about fashion than about writing, because writing about writing is too abstract for me, and if I wanted to write about writing I'd be in pedagogy instead of writing novels, but I'm supposed to keep a blog current and interesting while trying to write, and write prolifically because I'm a drafter, (which means I write half a dozen or so drafts until I give up and publish.) I'm going to try and focus this blog on my writing world, but hopefully still have fun, because without the fun, it's just not going to be updated, like, ever, except I'll be all, "Hey, look, I wrote a novel", once a year or something. That was a long sentence. Hi! That was a short one.

So about the writing. It's Valentine's week, and love is in the air, and love is all around us, all you need is love... I'm currently working on the 5th draft of Hybrid, House of Slide, a novel about a girl who has a new soul and has to figure out how to not die. It's all very exciting, particularly the butterknife skewery. So, Music Monday will be about the characters. Doesn't that sound organized but still fun?

Dariana Sanders is young, naive, cute, and very very adorable. Donna Lewis's voice, the song, it's all so Dari when she gets her soul back, I love it! Whenever I accidentally make her sound like a Hotblood, I play this song and voila! Back in the right voice.

Even that picture is cute enough for her.

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