Thursday, February 9, 2012

Theatrical Thursdays: in Time

in Time was a little bit like Robin Hood all, 'we are the 99' thing, so politically the timing was good. Other than that, Justin Timberlake? I still think of him as Britney Spear's boyfriend. It's like Marky Mark, who is not quite so Marky Mark, but it took at least five movies to get past that. I kept waiting for him to break out in his boyband moves, which would have been fun! Why don't they break out in dancing more often?

The girl with the big eyes had very big eyes. I liked it when she kept shooting people. That was funny. Why would shooting people be funny? Sounds terrible written out like that. Guess you had to be there.

Everything was very cinematically extreme, black against white with subtle gray, but not a lot of middle ground. You could probably say that about the whole movie. Rich people=bad. I think they were trying to draw a comparison to the way that monopolies control who lives and dies, health care maybe? but it was all a little too much. And. If you have the technology to live forever depending on how many digits are programmed into your arm, why would you have no other technological advancements whatsoever, except for narrower windshields. Seriously. One of the best thing about Real Steel was the green roof and the wind plants all over. Shows thought went into the thing.

So In Time was a solid okay movie where the girls all wore dresses. And Justin Timberlake did not break out in dance or song. Too bad.

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