Friday, September 7, 2012

Fashion Friday: Writing my Wardrobe

First thing I knew I was facing off with my closet, one foot in a sophisticated kitten heel, the other bare on the wood floor tapping in time to my alarming song, . Try to not tap your foot, bare or not.

Second thing, slipping into the silver sleek vroommobile on my way to the Woldemort bazaar for my first spectacle. Wrap skirt of an exceptional singular gorgeousness....

Hold on a minute! What's going on here?

Um. Apparently I crave writing a fashion blog so much I'm starting to fictionalize it. Sad really. Fine. I'll do a fashion blog post but only because my psyche is completely out of control and no one wants a dramatized version of me getting dressed (particularly when I'm doing weird stuff like giving alternative names to Walmart that imbue the evil nature of a certain Harry Potter villain which is also an evil franchise (lots of levels there, don't you think?))

Where was I? Right. Fashion post. I've found the BESTEST (It's cuter when other people use it) blog called, the vivienne files which has the capsule stuff, the 4x4 stuff, which I've never heard of but is most useful particularly when you're starting to go insane about hot pink or ox blood, and you have to do something about it, keeps you from having to do an 8x8, gasp. Or you can do the 2x2. You know I'm doing a 4x4 in burgundy for the sewing competition. You people have no idea what I'm ranting about but it's AWESOME! and I'M GOING TO PARIS!!!! I really shouldn't be so excited but I totally am! So whew! Fashion post out of my system I can go back to being a calm, introverted writerly sewist.

Have you got a favorite fashion blog?

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