Monday, September 3, 2012

Mmmmm Monday

Dishing out the dough today, you know, the make-a-man type. I do bread the way my mama taught me, only 5 loaves instead of 7. I still make enough dough for 7 though. Oh! Picture!

Everyone is DYING to find out what I do with the extra dough, so I will start by telling a long, convoluted tale about Chaucer, ready? OK! So, there's this medieval cookbook that I stumbled upon at some point in my life, and I made a good deal of Chaucer inspired pasties and meat pies, although honestly, everything else in the book was absolutely VILE but back to pasties. I feel positively medieval when I make a pie that isn't sweet, after all, no one says, "As American as a meat pie", but I think they shoulde. (yes. I added that e on purpose!) And now I'm going to the theatre! You see how great this cooking thing can be? It automatically makes you multicultural, and multi-time-dimensional... anyway.

So... for music Monday I have my Favorite station on Pandora, "Via Con Me" radio, which brings up the loveliest mix of tango, spanish,  jazz that I've ever heard. It makes me weep nightly to hear it. That's a good thing. Have a great week! Do you have a great Pandora station I should try?


  1. You are amazing! Looks like yummy bread. Homemade bread is the yummiest. Pandora, eh? I keep hearing about that. I need to check it out. I've just discovered this wonderful musician, Sarah Jarosz. Blue grass/Folk/Americana gal that sings and plays mando and guitar. Fabulous. ~Melis

  2. Mmmm. Sarah Jarosz, I'll be taking a look at that! Thanks for stopping by!