Monday, November 12, 2012

Teal and Activism

I'm not exactly thrilled by the results of the recent election, but I'm not devastated either. Part of that consists of my inability to align my core beliefs with 'either' side. I don't believe that there is one side or another to something as complicated as a person's belief, whether spiritual or economical. 

The trouble comes when I feel left out, as though I have no voice because it doesn't belong to 'either' side. I have beliefs. I have ideas. I have a desire to be active and to have influence on the policies that affect me. So what do I do about it? I vote. I encourage other people to vote. I listen to people who have strong views and try to explain my own. But look, I have a blog where I have the chance to express my opinion, so every once in awhile, like on Veterans Day, I'm going to. I don't know that it's activism, but it is something. 

I'm only giving one opinion today because I don't want to overwhelm anyone. 


Okay. I believe that people have a right when receiving medical care to know up front the cost of such expenses. I understand that there are going to be unexpected circumstances that require unforeseen fees, but I would like a basic rate so you know what you're getting into. As part of my personal philosophy I'm going to pay for my own medical care if at all possible, so it's important to know whether or not you can pay before you're stuck with a huge bill for something of no use to you and no Christmas. 

Whew! Pretty heavy, I know. Now on to the fun stuff. This week I'm doing the Fall Fashion color challenge and the first color is.....TEAL!
Shade T, teal cords, and this fantastic double sided cloak/roanna, from the museum gift shop in St. Louis--best Monet ever! Oh, and Anthropologie thick belt. This is my hair pre sleek cut. I kind of like it all wild:)

If you want to do the color challenge, Tuesday: Wine, Wednesday: Pumpkin, Thursday: Mustard, Friday: Grey.

Any views that don't align with either political party? Any ideas on how to be an activist in a kind way? I'd love to hear them:)


  1. Hey Friend, I love this post! Especially in regards to your opinion on voting, and election results. I was curious how your views compared to your husbands etc!

    As for the up front medical care cost.....totally agree. My son Blake has been seeing a concussion specialist. After 3 visits, and a month into the exams....(and no claim processed with my insurance). I became quite "interested" in knowing how much these little visits were going to cost. I know my Family care physician charges about $80 for an office visit, and a typical specialist according to "see how much this will cost" on my insurance website" I took a gander it would be around $180 per office visit. The initial Specialist visit consisted of asking numerous questions by a nurse, a 2 min balance test (lift up one leg, close your eyes etc), and a 15 minute computer session to test his cognitive skills ( that was basically the nurse handing Blake a laptop and saying play a couple of card games for 15 minutes). They used no hi-tech brain scan, x-ray, blood test....that was seriously it. They billed my insurance $499. The 2nd exam, they asked fewer question, there was no chinky little computer game....a bargain at $230. Of course the Dr. after each exam says "see you next week", I mean who wouldn't want to get paid $230 for 1/2 an hours work. I had to tell my husband "you don't have to go next week just because he keeps telling you to... I called and cancelled the scheduled appointment, and said "I'll be in there to see that Dr. when "we" feel like it"!

    1. Hey Heather! I'm so glad you stopped by the blog. With politics my husband and I agree to disagree. A lot:)

      As a parent, it's hard to know what to do because doctors offer an invaluable service and yet, we have limited funds. We can't always afford to take every test and do every check-up. I think that medical caretakers probably have to be overcautious for insurance reasons, at least I hope it's not just them making bank on our worry.

      It sounds like Blake is doing great. Hooray!

  2. I just started working with a nurse midwife , on her website she has all of her fees clearly posted. I like that she does that and wish every provider did, although, I know that it would deters some elderly from getting the care they need if they saw how much it would cost. So it is a bit of a double edged sword for some demographics.
    A's far as being a middle of the road, no party represents my ideals, activist, I have found that networking with like minded people has kept me in the loop about legislation, protests and other events to push a cause. Writing letters to legislators and showing up at the capital and sitting in on the debates and hearings does a lot to make sure your voice is heard.

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    2. Thanks for your comment, Parkerc63.

      Transparency is one of my favorite things about alternative health care. I went to a charming acupuncturists one time who charged quite a bit of money for the first visit, half the second visit, and then free after that, as he said, "If you're still coming then I'm not doing my job." Of course, I only had to go once:)

      Thanks for your activism tips. You are making your voice heard!

  3. You want to be in control as the buyer/consumer of your health care. In the present system you're not, and the only "solution" that anyone seems to come up with is to remove that control even further from your reach. I've often expressed that frustration myself, but I have it on good authority that reg'ler folks ain't smart 'nuff for that kind of er-spons-a-bilty.

    1. Thanks for your comment, Frank! You've always been a great example of being involved politically with writing to your congressman, and knowing what's going on politically:)

  4. I am only going to comment on the fashion :). I absolutely love that teal get up. I just got me some cords, finally. I think I will have to go shopping to do your challenge. Oh darn ;). I don't have a single mustard thing to wear.