Monday, December 3, 2012

Blog Tour: 1st Stop? Mallory Heart

Mallory gave me a lovely review, and I wrote a very long article that is splendidly loquacious. Feel free to check it out Mallory Heart!

In other news, my daughter picked out my clothes today. I'm not wearing a single thing I can wipe my hands on. Silk, Velvet, Wool, can we say, dry-clean only? Not that I'm complaining, okay, I am a little bit. 3rd World problems... gotta love 'em:) Have a marvelous Monday!

For the record, it's raining, raining, raining, but we hope for snow:) I'm thinking of getting the Buble duets Christmas album. Has anyone heard it? Is it any good? Any better new Christmas albums out there? My all time favorite is still Sting's On a Winter's Night. LOVE IT!

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