Saturday, December 1, 2012

Hybrid House of Slide, out today!

I am so excited! I thought today might never come, the day my sequel lurched out of the shadows and out into the e-ther, (e something) but here it is, in the flesh(less) my darling baby, out to show the world (What it shows the world, remains to be seen, er, read).

Things to look for- Flying Cows, Monsters, Kissing with Knives, Oversize Spiders, Steam! Oh yes. This book has it all, my friends. Well, not all, but had to save something for the next two:D

She's so pretty and she's available at Smashwords (available in most formats) and Amazon

In other Big News, Hotblood, House of Slide, is available for FREE to celebrate the lovely sequel.

Can there possibly be any other news? Why yes, yes there can! My blog tour starts tomorrow with the lovely Mallory of Mallory Heart Reviews So EXCITING!!!

I'm doing a giveaway along with the tour. It's an awesome giveaway with print copies of the first two House of Slide books, a House of Slide T-shirt, and nail polish!!! So follow along, it will be a party.


  1. Congrats on the launch! I love the covers. :)

  2. Thanks Felicia! So nice to see you on my blog.